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Fred Rine

CEO & Founder, FDRsafety, LLC

Fred began his career in 1971 as the Superintendent of Safety and Plant Protection with Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation. After seven years in the steel industry, Fred moved on to Roadway Express Corporation as the Managing Director of Safety, Health, and Fire Prevention in 1977. At that time, Roadway was the nation’s largest trucking firm, and Fred’s safety programs and policies led the company to improved worker and vehicle safety rates. In 1981, Fred’s next career progression took him to Federal Express Corporation where he was the Managing Director of Safety, Health, and Fire Prevention. Here, Fred directed a staff of 10 managers and 100 professionals and implemented a world-class safety program. Fred took his career to the next level in 1992 when he became the Vice President of Safety and Health for the National Safety Council. In 1995, Fred used his safety expertise to become Vice President of Options and Choices, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in improving safety and health performance and controlling costs. After realizing the potential for safety and health consulting services, Fred founded FDRsafety, LLC in 1996. Fred took a simple philosophy—get employees to “want to” work safely, as opposed to the traditional standard of “having to” follow safety rules—and created a multi-million dollar safety consulting organization. Since its founding, FDRsafety, LLC has trained over 500,000 individuals in companies across the United States.


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